Releasedate: February 24th / Label: Mouthwatering Records

Filewile Rewile Cover Filewile Rewile Cover

«Filewile Rewile» is a collection of remixes by Friends and Artists Filewile met during the last years of touring around the World. Remixes by Electric Blanket, Talen, Bit-Tuner, Da Cruz, Tim & Puma Mimi, Meienberg, Ramax, Ash Ismael, Sneaky, Backbone, Azaxx, SAO, Flox and Cris P.

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we’ve done a remix from the tune La Nature by T’Dôz
you can listen, share and download on our Soundscloud!

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Kamikaze – Tomorrow (Filewile Remix)

by dustbowl on 10/09/2014

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We’ve done a remix for Kamikaze

hope u like it!

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We’ve done a remix for Pablo Nouvelle – Poison

listen here on our Soundcloud

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We’ve done a Remix for Ben Muller feat. Mike Ladd
the Tune is out on Jazz-up Records from Marseille France
and is already played on Radio Nova, Grrif and Couleur3!!!

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Don’t Mess Around With – Tim & Puma Mimi

by dustbowl on 26/06/2013

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We’ve contributed with a Remix on that wonderfull Vinyl EP by Tim & Puma Mimi


After the success of Fruitilyzer, the do-it yourself kit to build the techno-cucumber that was featured on the biggest Swiss talk show, Tim & Puma Mimi release a new EP with a new song Sakana (produced by the Zurich ukulele star Kid Schurke) and 3 songs from the last album “The Stone Collection of“. On the B side, you find stunning remixes by the Berlin based musician and producer Robot Koch (Jahcoozi, Project:Mooncircle, Robots Don’t Sleep, Casper, and many more), by the Zurich bass monster Bit-Tuner, by Knor (drummer of Tim & Puma Mimi), and, as a habit on the 12″ releases from Mouthwatering Records, by the label boss Filewile. The release comes on vinyl, digital download and stream. On the digital version you’ll  get a bonus remix by Play Patrik (Morphologue) from Bern. The funky artwork and the postcard series is designed by the Zurich unit Resort.





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Filewile «Live Dates»

11.01.2013 Live dates
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T-Shirt Sales!!!

10.08.2012 News

Shirts Shirt Shirts!!!!               

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The Stone Collection Of Tim & Puma Mimi

03.07.2012 News

The Stone Collection of Tim & Puma Mimi is now available Worldwide. The Album is released on our own Label Mouthwatering Records BUY DIGITAL OR CD ON BANDCAMP BUY ON EMUSIC BUY ON ITUNES BUY CD ON AMAZON BUY ON JUNO STREAM ON SPOTIFY

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Remix for Xewin feat. Yarah Bravo

25.05.2012 News

We did a Remix for Xewin feat. Yarah Bravo. The Song is called Strike a Pose and is released today.

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