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by Mago

Sunday afternoon we play a small but lovely gig at the Munk Store in Melville (thanks Dylan!) next to where we live. Some of the very nice people from the night before came to see Filewile again like the promoter of the party the night before Domimique aka DJ D-Uneek and the hostess with the mostest, Masello, Breece, Garfield, Zipo, Zamo, Franny… THANK YOU FRIENDS!!

Monday: sightseeing Joburg and on the way to Soweto we pass by the new main stadium for the football worldcup 2010. Soweto (South West Township) was home of Mandela as well as Bishopf Tutu and was the center point of the fight against Apartheit. Both got the Peace Nobel Price and lived in the same street.

On Tuesday lovely 500km road trip to Maputo-Mosambik, the boarder is very fun…

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Hugo December 4, 2009 at 00:44

A great, great, great show tonight at Maputo. Maputo is not the same after Filewile. Thanks for the very good night here. Khanimambo! Obrigado!

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