Tourblog 2011 Part 1

by dustbowl on 11/04/2011

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We started our Tour 2011 last week in France after 4 days of rehearsals in Bourgoin at Les Abattoirs, and played at Garorock and Le Fil St. Etienne

Our Tourblog 2011 starts with some words by RQM (who is joining Filewile as a Vocalist on this Tour) about the Show we played in St. Etienne last Saturday:

A serious flashback. It could’ve been some trace acid stored by a disconnected brain cell back in the early nineties, which was finally released and crept up the spine at sound check. When we walked into the venue, the place packed with dreads them, the stage adorned with florescent spirals, columns and cobwebs. Someone was playing a harmonium to a Dub beat and then an electric sitar kicked in with properly gargled distortion and overdrive. The sound hurt an eardrum with that painful toothpick series of jabs, everything way past the tolerable, notchy as hell. We were booked to play a gig with the Beatles of Trance music – the one and only Infected Mushroom.

I never listened to any Trance myself, but I used to work for a couple of rich Israelis back in New York and the son used to organize Trance parties and I’m pretty sure that he booked them for one of his raves. Memory can be faulty though, especially if you don’t back up your discs.

The opening band was the said harmonium and electric sitar duo called Mad Sheer Khan, which featured  some middle age ladies banging on oil canisters off beat and groove-less. Despite the cacophony the crowd was feeling it, maybe it was The Doors type crooning of the lead vocalist or choice drugs pulling a Harry Potter on the audience. Whatever! The vibe was boom, the audience was in it so we ripped it lovely!  Big ups to the beautiful people that made this show what it was!



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