Tourblog 2011 Part 2

by dustbowl on 15/04/2011

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Yesterday, April 13th we played in St. Nazaire at Le Vip together with DJ Vadim

written by RQM:
The venue, literally the biggest bunker I’ve seen in my life and apparently the only building left standing right after the war. A bit like a still lifted from some old James Bond film. Inside the gut of the fortress, interconnecting industrial stair cases, a maze of corridors and on the ground level enough space to house at least a couple of submarines – the whole thing padded by thick ass slices of steel reinforced concrete. You gotta appreciate history’s dark sense of humor.
And if apocalypse ever comes, I’m pretty damn sure this is where the party will be at.

The turnout at the show? Put it like this – everyone had enough space to dance comfortably. Nobody spilled a drink. Nobody’s kicks got scuffed up. The sound was juicy and crisp, really well balanced. The energy warm. The people open. And being that this was the 3rd show on this tour, I have to say that it finally feels like we’ve arrived. The first couple of shows were already really good, but now there’s a feeling of trust on stage, a natural presence, a certainty and because of this the songs flow effortlessly. I love my team!

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