Tourblog 2011 Part 3

by dustbowl on 17/04/2011

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by RQM: I love Paris! It feels warm and familiar. And if not for the outrageous prices, I could really imagine living here, at least part-time. But paying 5 Euros or more for a beer is a cause for riot where I come from!

We were booked to play a Les Nuits Zébreées, a Radio Nova showcase. Now if you don’t live in France and don’t know this station, you should check them out online ’cause their selection of music is impeccable. So it’s really a big deal to play there and you can pretty sure that the audience is really on point.

Enthusiasm is somewhat of an understatement as far as the reaction to our show is concerned. The feedback that we got was closer to some form of hysteria. It made me think of that archival Beatles footage:  the roaring crowds, women pulling out their hair etc. On a smaller scale of course ’cause the venue only holds about 800 sweaty bodies or so. The ride was intense!  It felt a bit like being swept up by a giant Atlantic Ocean tide, tumble effect and all. 50 minutes later we were washed up on the shore asking ourselves “WTF just happened?!” Thank you Paris!

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