Tourblog 2011 Part 4

by dustbowl on 19/04/2011

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Our Show in Lille by RQM:

Not our home town, but it still felt like a home coming. So much family per square meter, the vibes dense type positive and the whole thing a sweatbox like old-school basement jam, but on a boat! You can’t beat an intimate club show when everyone’s on fire.
This was the perfect way to cool off after Paris and to close this block of shows. Next week we’ll pick up with Zürich and hit the festival that everyone in France has been talking about: Printemps de Bourges.
Big ups to LENA KLAX for bringing her beautiful family to the show. Don’t worry, we’ll hit the market next time. Isham congratulations brother! Filewile is for the babies. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap!

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