Tourblog 2011 Part 5

by dustbowl on 26/04/2011

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written by RQM:

Zürich was funny. It was sort of like eating jello, cheddar cheese and liver pate in one go. The space was incredible! The main stage was located in an industrial garage with a small old school gas station installed inside it and several mad max like beat up cars converted into light installations scattered about. A lot of love went into pulling this one off.  Apparently they used to build tanks in this exact warehouse. The vehicles were dismantled and exported as spare parts to bypass customs restrictions regarding weapons shipments. Nice!

The music that night was a healthy buffet of randomness. Minimal was bumping upstairs and we had a country band and some live party hip hop on our stage warming things up. The highlight of the evening was definitely Mago playing bass on the roof of one of the wrecked cars. I mean how often is this even possible?!

This was the festival that everyone was talking about. The venue where we played was top notch – the stage was so big that it really felt like it took up more space than the actual dance floor. And the bass infused sound system paired with a nice wooden floor – a wet dream! But the thing that didn’t sink in, when people mentioned this event to me before, was the fact that the whole thing was mostly geared at industry types.
And to be honest, after years of being deeply involved with music, I still don’t really understand how or why these dry ass types are not selling power drills or cars instead. I mean not only do they fuck up the vibe at the shows they attend by showing absolutely no sensibility for the sounds coming out of the speakers, looking all zombie like and starch stiff, they also fuck up the experience for the handful of actual music lovers that came out to have a good time. Btw. these are my personal opinions and not those of Filewile, so any gripes should be directed at me personally and I’ll gladly address them individually.

Despite the Dawn of the Dead factor I still enjoyed the show a lot and I’d like to big up all the beautiful people out in the audience that partied with us till the end! Blitz, brother, I loved your show and it was a pleasure building with you back stage. Lets keep on bringing that soulful something to the people.

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