Tourblog 2011 Part 7

by dustbowl on 26/05/2011

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written by RQM

Beth Ditto WHO?! Yes! I admit it! I failed the who’s who quiz on contemporary pop icons miserably. Some of the members of our crew were actually really appalled by my shortsightedness. Oh well, I’ll just blame it on the internet for giving me the option to avoid critical mass byproducts.

I saw the last part of Miss Ditto’s set and it was really sad to see the Gossip band replaced by a dj and a few dancers. I suppose the new formula is more spectacle and less music. The outro tune was actually a Madonna cover. Kinda hard to believe that the first Gossip record was produced by Guy Picciotto of Fugazi!

Our show took place in a packed out circus tent. The sound was thick! Big ups to Adi, who always gets hella surgical with it. In my humble opinion Kick The Spacedrum was the joint that tore the roof down this time around. It’s always a pleasure seeing Mr. Dejot doing his Tropical Alpine Boogie dance – and he really cut loose on this one. It was also boom to see all this singing along going on during No. 1 Kid.

After the show the Blogotheque crew took us to this incredible mansion, where we set up shop in an abandoned attic. You can’t really call what we did unplugged ’cause we still had some machines running, I guess semi acoustic would describe it better. The vibe was amazing! And even Adi, our sound tech, joined us for the session. The whole thing was filmed and recorded and it’ll be up on the Blogotheque site in a couple of months. Other artists featured on the blog: Caribou, Saul Williams, Buck 65 etc.


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