Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl!!!

05.02.2010 News

BIG UP to all the Producers who joined our Albumclub! We have now more than 5000 Euros and we will start with the production soon! You still can contribute HERE

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Live and Album Club last Call!

31.01.2010 News

We have now over 4500 Euro pledget for our Vinyl Album «Blueskywell» ! So we need about 20 Producers more, then we can start producing! tonight we play at Supermarket Zürich together with Marylane & Freiraum. Come Along! Be a Producer of our Vinyl Album Press News: A great Article  by Nick Joyce about Joy […]

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Albumclub, we are half way!

15.01.2010 News

We have 2500 Euro foundet for our Vinyl Album already! Big up 2 all the Producers, we are half way! Today we had Press at 20min and Woz in  Switzerland.  Last week we were feat. in Bloggertronix and a couple of Newspapers and Blogs in Switzerland. Become a Producer HERE! So now we need to […]

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Become a Producer of Filewile’s Vinyl Album Blueskywell!

05.01.2010 News

The new Filewile album «Blueskywell» was released on CD only and shall now be pressed onto vinyl! Mouthwatering Records & Filewile are looking for at least 250 people to make this possible, by pre-ordering the vinyl for at least 20 Euro. If you take part, you become one of the albums producers and get your […]

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Africa Tourblog Part 5

11.12.2009 News

by Mago The gig in Township Nyanga’s Arts Centre was our last performance on our Africa tour, but a very sweet one! In the evening we meet all the people from Pro Helvetia Cape Town for dinner. The next day we drive down to Cape of Good Hope which is one of the most impessing […]

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Africa Tourblog Part 4

07.12.2009 News

By Mago: Thanks again to everybody for a fabulous time in Joburg, even Swiss Cultural Attaché Eric Amhof had a great time dancing at our gig! Next day 500km road trip on the road to Moçambique, I shoot about 100 pictures from the impressing landscapes. Maputo is very different from Joburg: Mo Africa (means slower!) […]

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Africa Tourblog Part 3

04.12.2009 News

We just arrived in Capetown and we received the great news that we entered the Top 100 Airplaycharts in Switzerland today!!!! Some Pics from Joburg and Maputo. More to come about the Mozambique trip soon.  Mago needs some rest now. So no new story today, sorry! Looking forward to play The Assembley tonight!

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Africa Tourblog Part 2

02.12.2009 News

by Mago Sunday afternoon we play a small but lovely gig at the Munk Store in Melville (thanks Dylan!) next to where we live. Some of the very nice people from the night before came to see Filewile again like the promoter of the party the night before Domimique aka DJ D-Uneek and the hostess […]

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Africa Tourblog Part 1

30.11.2009 News

by Mago Wed, 23 nov 8 AM: Filewile at Zürich Airport with the mission to get 40kgs extra weight (equipment) on a Swiss plane. Picture the young man working at the check-in desk (Hochstrasser) saying „I’m sure you don’t want to know how much it is gonna cost you..“. We don’t hesitate, pay sFr. 2000.- […]

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Tourposter Southafrica

13.11.2009 News

Nice One!!!!

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