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    Releasedate: February 24th 2012 / Label: Mouthwatering Records
    Filewile Rewile Cover«Filewile Rewile» is a collection of remixes by Friends and Artists Filewile met during the last years of touring around the World. Remixes by Electric Blanket, Talen, Bit-Tuner, Da Cruz, Tim & Puma Mimi, Meienberg, Ramax, Ash Ismael, Sneaky, Backbone, Azaxx, SAO, Flox and Cris P.

    New Single / Releasedate France: April 4th 2011 / Label: Underdog Records
    Releasedate World: April 15th 2011 / Label: Mouthwatering Records
    Albumcover «You Say I» (jpg / 1440/1440)Filewile are back with a fresh take on their signature leftfield Pop song, this time round with less Dub and more Funk. What starts off as a Folk song with a nod to Chinese movie scores, soon evolves into an electric Funk tune, reminiscent of Prince and George Clinton, with a sparse and groovy rhythm section. The strong groove is enhanced by the interplay of the beat with Joy Frempong’srhythmic vocals.

  • On The Run (Single/CD/Vinyl 7″/Digital) | Mouthwatering Records
    Front cover single «On The Run»

    Releasedate: May, 28th 2010
    Filewile clearly had an excellent time touring South Africa for the «Blueskywell» album release last winter. They felt well at home inside the dancehalls of Jo’burg, Cape Town, Dar Es Salaam and Maputo. As Filewile are not a band drawn to hanging out on the beach for long, but always eager to collaborate on yet another dubbed out venture, the follow up to the last single «Number One Kid» was bound to happen: A sun trenched Reggae tune full of soul and troubled lyrics in the finest conscious Reggae tradition. Uncertain if the trouble comes from a torn soul, torn country or both, «On the Run» tells of broken hearts and broken homes in troubled times. Hailing from Mozambique, singer Pedro Da Silva Pinto (frontman to the band 340ml) masters a silken voice that mingles beautifully with Filewile’s knee deep Reggae and Joy Frempong’s floating backing vocals. The b-side carries a classic Dub version of the same tune. Heavy steppin’ up in this!

  • Codeine (Single / Itunes Exclusive Release) | Mouthwatering Records
    Front cover single «Codeine»

    After the successful single «Number One Kid» (College Charts Germany, Airplaycharts in Switzerland, Rotations at FM4, Radio Nova, DRS3, Couleur3, Virus, Rete3 and many more Radiostations in Switzerland and Europe) Filewile now release another single off their latest album «Blueskywell».
    The new single contains two versions of the track «Codeine».
    Releasedate: 26.03.2010

  • Blueskywell (CD, Vinyl Album) | Mouthwatering Records | Underdog Records (France)
    Front cover album «Blueskywell»

    With the new album, Filewile have made the transition from dubby laptop duo to a dub driven band. Along the way, Filewile integrated the raw power of their live performances into their production methods. They now thoroughly cherish the imperfections of analogue instrumentation, tape machine and the iconic Space Echo. At the same time the human voice has moved centerstage in the Filewile sound – being used and abused as a musical instrument all over the album.
    Filewile have fully integrated their former guest singer Joy Frempong and session bassist Mago Flueck, to explore the possibilities of the «human element» as a positive influence to the total control previously exerted by Dustbowl (Andreas Ryser) and Dejot (Daniel Jakob) through their machines. Joy Frempong’s love of experimental lyrics and song heightens the sparkling vibe Filewile exude with every chord. In her lyrics, Joy Frempong cunningly moves between childish nonsense and the abyss of human existence. Two tracks on the album see the return of Brooklyn born rhyme artist RQM to the Filewile fold. RQM further enhances the album’s genre bending quality and the impossibility to pin the sound to any particular country.
    In parts «Blueskywell» flirts with mainstream radio appeal by weaving catchy harmonies and moving beats into something resembling Pop music – only to break into Dance music, Rock fragments or experimental Jazz antics in time to stop the listener from drifting off into a cloud of comfort. «Blueskywell» is an album worthy of the term: rather than being a compilation of one band’s tracks, it is a congruent whole, – an exciting excursion into a world of Music. A world full of bass and multi facetted vocalizing, switching from Jiggy Breaks to Ambient Electronics to Rootsy Reggae and Funky Jazz while dabbling with the freakish, psychadelic and experimental‚ without succumbing to the outright weird. Filewile remain a dance act, but they disguise it well.

  • Number One Kid (EP, 12″) | Mouthwatering Records
    Front cover EP «Number One Kid»

    Before dropping their new long player, Filewile bless us with a gem of an EP: The Number One Kid mixes take you on a ride through soul caressing Bass music, twisted Hip Hop and straight out partying. The new Filewile sound is clearly inspirational – rarely have four producers made so muchout of the one and same tune!
    A1 Number One Kid (Original)
    A2 Number One Kid (Robot Koch Remix)
    A3 Number One Kid (Algorythm & Blues Remix)
    B1 Number One Kid (Ramax Remix)
    B2 Number One Kid (Mercury Remix)

  • Number One Kid (7″) | Mouthwatering Records
    Front cover 7'' «Number One Kid»

    A1: Picture one of them pimped up 70’s cars bouncing down the hot inner city street, seemingly pushed along on nothing but the bass pounding from it’s speakers. The tune blastin’ is Number One Kid and the kids one the streets are all out shaking, breakin’ and poppin’ to the dubbed out Hip Hop Soul Sound that is Filewile. One tune this! It won’t leave once its in your head a you probably won’t mind.
    B1: Electric Blanket have turned the original dubbed out Hip Hop Soul Sound of Number One Kid into an upbeat Indiepop tune. What remains of the original is Joy Frempong’s singing, which is now accompanied by driving drums, Indie guitar and a low key flute melody. Its a very UK kinda tune, reminiscent of bands like Strange Idols or Voxtrot – it should go down well with the kids at the club.
    A1 Number One Kid (Original)
    B1 Number One Kid (Electric Blanket Edit)

  • Nassau Massage (CD, Album) | Mouthwatering Records
    Cover Album «Nassau Massage»

    Filewile are a duo seen rocking clubs for the last years with their dub infused Electronica sets. «Nassau Massage» brings together guest artists from many corners: Nicolette (British vocalist formerly of Massive Attack fame), New York rapper and now Berlin resident RQM, Rider Shafique and Mr. Melody alongside Baby Chann bring on their versatile UK Reggae flavours. Local talents like the Swiss resident Ghanaian singer Joy Frempong, rapper Baze and Switzerland’s only underground country-star Zeno Tornado help make «Nassau Massage» a tight pop-Electronica album with a strong Reggae foundation.

  • Damn (EP, 12″) | Mouthwatering Records
    Cover EP «Damn»

    The electronic minimal Funk of Filewile’s «Damn» paints the perfect soundscape for New York Rapper RQM‘s brilliant anecdote about a ride on the A-train on a rainy Sunday. Rhyme and music blend in rare harmony to create a funny, crisp and sexy image of an only too familiar situation. 2 remixes accompany the original, one by Jahcoozi and the other by the Round Table Knights. The extra track is a dubby Reggae tune named «Forward», feat. Rider Shafique of the Son of Man / Pressure Drop camp.

  • Barbarella (2×12″) | Mouthwatering Records
    Cover EP «Barbarella»

    «Barbarella» is a minimal but kicking, slow building tune with peculiar yet driving rhythms, heavy bass and a Booker T & The MGs style keyboard melody swinging in there somewhere. The whistled refrain instantly sticks in one‘s mind and the guitar strumming over the Break Beat gives this tune a wicked Rock kinda feel. With remixes from Bengston, Sad feat. Baze, Balduin & the bonus-track «Soupa»by Filewile.

  • Filewile Remixed Part One & Two (CD, Album, 12″) | Wankdorf Recordings
    Cover Album «Filewile Remixed Part One»Filewile present the first two releases on their own label «Wankdorf Recordings», with 16 remixes by various national and international artists. The original tracks (Kleppa, Chumpnrun & Trolley) by Filewile are available to download on this website for free. The Remixes from Tim Scott, Pola, Illy Noiz and Random Acousticsare also available on Vinyl.

  • Chumpnrun (CD Box, Ltd)| filewile.comLimited Edition Homemade Single CD-Laptopbox «Chumpnrun». The CD includes the Videoclip done by M. Spahr, Optickle.
    The Laptopboxes are numbered and limited on 300 Copies. This was the first physical release by Dustbowl & Dejot under the name of Filewile.
    100% homemade production of the laptopbox (quicktime movie)

2003 – 2006



      • Ohayo Baby – Tim & Puma Mimi | Mouthwatering Records
      • The Last One To Preach– Ben Muller feat. Mike Ladd | Jazzup Records
      • Strike a Pose – Xewin feat. Yarah Bravo | Collective
      • Funny – Fiji | Smartship Productions
      • Papo De – Da Cruz | Six Degrees Records
      • Believe The Weatherman – Joe Galen | Creaked Records
      • Warten – Adrian Zaar | Olmo / Soundservice
      • Im Momänt – Steff La Cheffe | Bakara Music
      • Dawn Penn – No No No | Rocksteady – The Roots Of Reggae DVD Release
      • Büssi – King Pepe | Big Money Records
      • Johnny Blaze feat. Turbulence – Talen | Comic Book | Mouthwatering Records
      • Toytown Elegy – Sneaky | Album Feel Like a Remix | Big Chill
      • Let’s Move – Rattex | Streets Raps & Us | Pioneer Unit Records
      • My Boy – Copy & Paste | Everest Records
      • Barely Evil – RQM | OMG
      • Ego – Bonaparte | Staatsakt / Indigo
      • Cute Ass Algorithm – Algorythm + Blues | Mouthwatering Records
      • Luvely – The Tape vs RQM | Mouthwatering Records
      • Last Night – Lunik | EMI
      • Wholesome – Nicolette (12” & CD) | Early Records
      • Overflow – Pureape (12”) | Alpinechic
      • Bonx it bon me – Ganglords | Decibelle
      • Shakedown – Lovebugs | Decibelle
      • Sunny Days – Pressure Drop (12”) | Mouthwatering Records
      • Weather – Lunik (12”) | EMI

Tracks Appear On


    • Release: Bärn Kompileischn (Vinyl/Digital) | Track: Valdez (Dejot Dub Remix)| Label: Sirion Records | 2013
    • Release: Star Tracks EP (EP/Digital) | Track: My Rocco | Label: Bonzzaj Records | 2010
    • Release: 50 Jahre Berner Rock (3xCD) | Track: Number One Kid | Label: Zytglogge | 2010
    • Release: Maximize (CD) | Track: Damn (RTK Remix) | Label: Exploited | 2007
    • Release: Suisse Electro (CD) | Track: Communication | Label: CMA | 2007
    • Release: Swiss Circus In Stereo (mp3) | Track: Attila | Label: Alpinechic | 2005
    • Release: Expedition_1 (CD) | Track: Robinhood | Label: Everest Records | 2005
    • Release: La Suisse (CD) | Track: Orwell | Label: Swiss Music Export | 2004
    • Release: Compilation IV (2xLP) | Track: Emitow | Label: Everest Records | 2004
    • Release: Home Crowd (CD) | Track: Xibalba_1 | Label: Mouthwatering Records | 2003

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