Releasedate: February 24th / Label: Mouthwatering Records

Filewile Rewile Cover Filewile Rewile Cover

«Filewile Rewile» is a collection of remixes by Friends and Artists Filewile met during the last years of touring around the World. Remixes by Electric Blanket, Talen, Bit-Tuner, Da Cruz, Tim & Puma Mimi, Meienberg, Ramax, Ash Ismael, Sneaky, Backbone, Azaxx, SAO, Flox and Cris P.

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Rewile Teaser Video

04.02.2012 News

Official Releasedate Filewile – Rewile February 24th!

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Filewile – Rewile – Remix Album

25.01.2012 News

Our Remix Album Filewile – Rewile will be released officially on 24.02.2012!!! watch out for specials before that date! Tracklist: 1 You Say I (Electric Blanket Remix) 2 On The Run (Talen Remix) 3 You Say I (Bit-Tuner Remix) 4 You Say I (Ramax Electro Remix) 5 On The Run (Da Cruz Dub Remix) 6 […]

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Codeine Single

23.12.2011 Free tracks

We’ve uploaded our Codeine Single wich was released exclusive on Itunes in 2010 now on our Bandcamp Account. You can download the 2 Versions for free or name your price, Merry Christmas!   Codeine by Filewile

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Advance Sale Tickets Swiss Shows

11.12.2011 News

You now can get the tickets for our 2 Swiss Shows: 29.12.2011 Schür, Luzern, Tickets here 30.12.2011 Progr, Beefllat, Bern, Tickets here

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Big Up!

04.12.2011 News

An Year Ago we started to play Live Shows in France, since then we’ve played more than 30 Shows in France and Abroad, Sonar, Montreal Jazz Festival, Fusion… Big up to «Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes» who made this possible. We’ve uploadet the full Show from last Year on Youtube. The show was filmed and […]

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Thank U Z’Eclectiques!

13.11.2011 News

Thank u Z’Eclectiques Festival, we had a wonderfull time. It’s fantastic to play in front of 5000 openmindet musiclovers: thank u thank u thank u!!!

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«Blueskywell Tour» ending soon!

02.11.2011 News

We have another 6 Shows this Year on our «Blueskywell Tour» We play following Shows: 12.11.2011: Z’éclectiqes Festival, Cholet, France 22.11.2011: Telerama Dub Festival, Sceau,  France 25.11.2011: Telerama Dub Festival, Strasbourg, France 02.12.2011: Radio Nova Nuit Zebrees, Avignon, France 29.12.2011: Schür, Luzern, Switzerland 30.12.2011: PROGR, Bern, Switzerland

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Hymn To Myself by Electric Blanket out now!

30.09.2011 News

Today we’ve released on our Label Wankdorf Recordings the fantastic Indie Pop Album Hymn To Myself by Electric Blanket BUY ON ITUNES BUY ON CEDE.CH BUY ON WANKDORF RECORDINGS BANDCAMP SHOP

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City Lights by Electric Blanket out on Wankdorf Recordings

09.09.2011 News

As most of you know, we have 2 small Labels, one is called Mouthwatering Records, the other one is called Wankdorf Recordings. On Wankdorf Recordings we’ve released today the Single «City Lights» by Swiss Indie Pop Band Electric Blanket   BUY CITY LIGHTS ON ITUNES

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Buy Our Music on Bandcamp

20.07.2011 News

Our Music is available on Bandcamp now!!! Filewile Bandcamp

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