Releasedate: February 24th / Label: Mouthwatering Records

Filewile Rewile Cover Filewile Rewile Cover

«Filewile Rewile» is a collection of remixes by Friends and Artists Filewile met during the last years of touring around the World. Remixes by Electric Blanket, Talen, Bit-Tuner, Da Cruz, Tim & Puma Mimi, Meienberg, Ramax, Ash Ismael, Sneaky, Backbone, Azaxx, SAO, Flox and Cris P.

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Pictures from Jazzfestival Montreal

07.07.2011 News

We’ve just uploaded on our Facebook Account some beautifull pictures done by Louis-P Alain for the link to the full galery with the shots from that night can be found here

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Remix for Da Cruz

28.06.2011 News

We did a Remix for the World Music Band Da Cruz. The Remix from the original track named Papo De is released today on the US Label Six Degrees and is available on CD and digital on Itunes The Remix already has some Radioplays on KCRW , Kalx-FM and some more in the States  

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Tourblog 2011 Part 8

25.06.2011 News

Some beautifull Pictures, done by Timo Ullmann, from the Show we did last Weekend at Sonar Barcelona    

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Tourblog 2011 Part 7

26.05.2011 News

written by RQM Beth Ditto WHO?! Yes! I admit it! I failed the who’s who quiz on contemporary pop icons miserably. Some of the members of our crew were actually really appalled by my shortsightedness. Oh well, I’ll just blame it on the internet for giving me the option to avoid critical mass byproducts. I […]

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Tourblog 2011 Part 6

21.05.2011 News

by RQM: Today we’ll be storming France again. We’ll be playing at the 3 Elephants festival in a town called Laval. I never heard of any of the bands on the bill, but some of the names got my curiosity juices running already. I’m thinking of checking Jesus Christ Barbee Doll or Fanfare Le Snob. […]

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You Say I – Ringtone

28.04.2011 Free tracks

We’ve done a free Ringtone from our new Single «You Say I» download the m4r file for IPhone or download mp3 for other Phones:  Filewile-You-Say-I-Ringtone

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Tourblog 2011 Part 5

26.04.2011 News

written by RQM: Zürich was funny. It was sort of like eating jello, cheddar cheese and liver pate in one go. The space was incredible! The main stage was located in an industrial garage with a small old school gas station installed inside it and several mad max like beat up cars converted into light […]

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Tourblog 2011 Part 4

19.04.2011 News

Our Show in Lille by RQM: Not our home town, but it still felt like a home coming. So much family per square meter, the vibes dense type positive and the whole thing a sweatbox like old-school basement jam, but on a boat! You can’t beat an intimate club show when everyone’s on fire. This […]

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Tourblog 2011 Part 3

17.04.2011 News

by RQM: I love Paris! It feels warm and familiar. And if not for the outrageous prices, I could really imagine living here, at least part-time. But paying 5 Euros or more for a beer is a cause for riot where I come from! We were booked to play a Les Nuits Zébreées, a Radio […]

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Tourblog 2011 Part 2

15.04.2011 News

Yesterday, April 13th we played in St. Nazaire at Le Vip together with DJ Vadim written by RQM: The venue, literally the biggest bunker I’ve seen in my life and apparently the only building left standing right after the war. A bit like a still lifted from some old James Bond film. Inside the gut […]

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