Releasedate: February 24th / Label: Mouthwatering Records

Filewile Rewile Cover Filewile Rewile Cover

«Filewile Rewile» is a collection of remixes by Friends and Artists Filewile met during the last years of touring around the World. Remixes by Electric Blanket, Talen, Bit-Tuner, Da Cruz, Tim & Puma Mimi, Meienberg, Ramax, Ash Ismael, Sneaky, Backbone, Azaxx, SAO, Flox and Cris P.

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Dubquest @ Dampfzentrale

27.09.2009 Live dates

03.10.09, 23h, Dampfzentrale Bern with Dub Pistols feat. Rodney P.

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Monpetitponey – Mister P. (Filewile Remix)

06.06.2009 Free tracks

Monpetitponey – Mister P. – Filewile Remix (mp3, 5.1mb)

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Robibot (live)

25.04.2009 Free tracks

Robibot – Filewile live at Electron Festival 2009 (mp3, 6.5mb)

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Babylon Beach (live)

09.06.2007 Free tracks

Babylon Beach – Filewile live (mp3, 11.9mb)

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Spoiznu (live)

21.07.2006 Free tracks

Spoiznu – Filewile live (mp3, 4.5mb)

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Rio Fidel (live)

18.05.2006 Free tracks

Rio Fidel – Filewile live (mp3, 7.0mb)

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Rioma (live)

22.02.2006 Free tracks

Rioma – Filewile live (mp3, 5.7mb)

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Soupa (live)

23.12.2005 Free tracks

Soupa – Filewile live (mp3, 7.0mb)

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